Thanks for the interest in joining our KILLER INSTINCT® Field Staff Team. We truly appreciate your desire to work with & represent KILLER INSTINCT®. Our KILLER Team is made of individuals who pride themselves in pushing their creative measures and look to share their story in the outdoors through digital & public communications.

KILLER INSTINCT® is passionately committed to deadly performance technical products – Precision, accuracy and dependability. We combine superior craftsmanship with next-level design, innovation and uncompromising quality so you can have ultimate confidence in your gear.

What it means to Join our KILLER Team
A passionately committed group of individuals with an undeniable force that surges through their veins for the outdoors. Expectations are high, and your gear is expected to perform at an even higher level. KILLER Team members continually share their hunting lifestyle through an online presence – Social Media, Videos, Photos, Writing and more but also publicly represent KILLER INSTINCT® at local events, 3D shoots, trade show expos and more.

What do KILLER Field Staff Members get?
KILLER Hunters are eligible to purchase KILLER INSTINCT® Crossbows and gear through our website by receiving an Industry PRO Discount Price. In addition, you or your team will receive full credit wherever your media is used to bounce back supporters to your site or page. Redirection will include Social Media, Killer Instinct website posts and more.

Those who work hard to keep in contact and work with our KILLER Team in a creative, fun way for the first year will be rewarded as we move towards growing a more defined relationship in year two and beyond.

This is a ONE YEAR KILLER HUNTER agreement and only contributing hunters to the listed requirements will be renewed for Year Two, in which they will receive more opportunities and benefits.

We hold our KILLER Field Staff Team to a high standard too not only produce high quality content, but to represent and support them selves in a professional manor. This role is a privilege and is contingent on constantly following all guidelines.  KILLER INSTINCT® reserves the right to discontinue this offer at anytime without notice. Not a paid position –Independent contractor who performs service ‘at will’.

On your next hunt harness your KILLER INSTINCT® and defeat the odds.

If you believe that you would meet the qualifications required for any of the above opportunities, please use our submission form below to apply.  If you have additional questions, please contact 

Fill out my online form.