Arrow Safety

Arrow safety is essential for the effective and responsible use of crossbows. Taking care to properly select and inspect your arrows/bolts is crucial in preventing accidents, avoiding damage, and maintaining accuracy.

When choosing an arrow (or bolt), only use a finished arrow that is recommended by your crossbow manufacturer, taking into consideration its weight, length, diameter, nock type, and fletching type. Additionally, you should always use field points or broadhead tips.

Damage to arrows arrows can occur from impacts with hard objects or with other arrows, or after being shot into a game animal. Such damage may include (but is not limited to): bends, cracks, nicks, cuts, fractures, damaged nocks, or missing inserts or points.

Always inspect an arrow prior to every shot for any damage—even before the first shot of a new arrow. A damaged arrow can break when shot, resulting in injury to you or to bystanders, or in a damaged crossbow. Never shoot an arrow if you observe or suspect damage.

When inspecting an arrow, always wear OSHA-approved eye protection. You can complete a thorough inspection by following these four steps:

  1. Visual & Feel. Slowly run your fingers along the entire length of the arrow shaft and nock, feeling and looking for cracks, nicks, cuts, fractures, splits, dents, bends, or other marks that could indicate damage.
  2. Flex & Inspect. Grab the arrow near the tip and near the nock, then flex the arrow (bending away from you and others) with 0.5” – 1” deflection. If you see, feel, or hear cracking, the arrow has been damaged.
  3. Twist. While holding both ends of the arrow, twist its shaft in both directions. If the arrow twists easily, it has been damaged.
  4. Component. Check all arrow components, tightening any components found to be loose. Loose components can cause unbalanced flight and may partially dry fire your crossbow.

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